About Me

4 season tree

I’ve been on this little blue dot, at least in this current form, for 40 years now. I have seen a lot in my time, experienced quite a bit, some I’d prefer to not have seen or experienced and yet they have gone into making me who I am today, a first time blogger hiding behind the guise of a tree. I hope to bring a little wisdom to this blog so perhaps I am the silent old owl in the Elder tree. I don’t talk much, I prefer to listen, but sometimes you get to the point where you listen so much you have to share what you hear or share what you think about what you hear and see in the world around you. Social media, global news, television, the internet in general, have all made this little blue dot a lot smaller and it is possible to see things happening around the globe from the comfort of one’s perch. So, I guess, this silent owl perched in her elder tree has come to that point where she must talk about the things she sees and hears in her not-so-little world.

This blogging thing is getting under my skin, I’ve now got a section of Fiction that is expanding at quite a pace. Feel free to dive into Metamorphosis, if you like it you can follow the story in Triumvirate, both can be found in the menu under Fiction, surprisingly 🙂 The story of the group now continues in Four Squared, still under Fiction


One Response to About Me

  1. I don’t quite know how I ended up here, at 4:58 A.M., but I’m certainly grateful I did. Thank you for your openness with the blue dot and blessings to you and your continued experiences.

    ❤ – The Shaded Elephant

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