Lord Tetclist

In the beginning there was just me. One vast consciousness. Aeons passed this way, time unmeasured and immeasurable  And then I made the decision to do something with myself, to make more of myself and so it began with a division. Let there be light and dark, and it was so and I was still me but with two aspects. Let there be male and female, and it was so and I was still me but with four aspects. And so the divisions continued until one day I split into two and became her and me. She was vast and beautiful, bright and shining and warm. I was dark and secret, cold and silent.  I no longer knew what she was thinking, only what I thought and this was new and strange and unnerving. We developed more from a need to communicate, to know the thoughts of each other and so we developed what can only be described as telepathy. We tuned our minds to each others and we could hear each other’s thoughts. And it was good and it was exciting, we communicated for aeons, enjoyed the company of the other but it grew stale and we had to grow once more. As we divided we diminished, losing ourselves to others that sprang up in the void. This made me feel something I had not felt before: fear. Fear I would be lost completely, fear I would lose her completely and she felt the same so we strove to keep our contact with each other, to keep us from vanishing utterly. But we had no reason to fear. The division was creating new ones from us, taking some of our personality but leaving most, instead building on that which was taken and then duplicating what remained. And so where there was one, now there were an infinite number of souls floating in the void.

As the aeons passed we realised, she and I, that we were no longer the main whole but a small portion of it, that we had been divided off from the whole. Our fear subsided but our yearning to be together continued unabated. The greater consciousnesses, the Light and the Dark, were now working together to build structure for the rest of us to reside within, a structure that would allow us to grow and become like them, our greater counterparts. We were diminished but we had potential to grow but we needed to be challenged. The first change for us was becoming material, no longer floating wisp-like in the void as mere consciousness or spirit but now floating with physical form in a Universe of both physical and spiritual, or in modern terms, particles and waves. The Universe was both and so were we. I saw her then and she was beautiful to my newborn eyes, vast and shining, her inner fire illuminating that which surrounded her. But fear gripped me once more as I saw her drifting away from me. The wrench of separation was almost too much to bear. I heard her weeping and wept also. Weeping long until she was past my range of sight, weeping for centuries until I could bear it no more and pushed against my companions and set myself floating in the direction she had gone. I had to find her, had to be with her, had to make myself whole once more. As I moved through the Universe I discovered that my form was not the same as all others. My spirit was fluid within me, and it could stretch ahead of my physical form and then pull me along in its wake. I stumbled over solid spirits, spirits so immoveable I could do nothing but go around them, I stumbled over stars and their fire caused me pain and I was repelled from them with a hiss. My journey would not be easy and I no longer knew if she and I could be together, I did not know what form she had been given. I passed through other spirits, other elements, found I mingled with those similar to me and those of a more airy nature. I hoped she was still like me or at least like these others who were almost insubstantial.

As I moved through the Universe it changed around me. All were moving towards a fixed pattern from the Light consciousness, those of us from the Dark were moving to fill the space in between. Nebulae, star nurseries, formed from the union of fire and air, stars formed and moved out spinning in a spiral dance around their mothers. And other things were forming too. Planets of earth and webs of air, rivers of water and pits of fire. Everything was coming together in a specific pattern. Stars held planets to them, planets held air around them and allowed water to flow across their surface. The universe as it is now known was coming into being. I passed now through the centre of the Universe where a mass of light and a mass of dark lay. These were my parents, this was where I had come from. I felt joy and elation but still I longed for her and so I turned my back on my parents and continued my journey.

I came to a standstill as I looked upon a small galaxy of stars, several nebulae and a black and hungry mass. Particles of light from one small star within this galaxy flew past me on their own journeys. As they passed me they sang to me, sang songs of a world that was growing, that was the most beautiful thing to behold, sang of their sadness to have left it behind. I urged myself forward once more and followed this train of light to its source. I stayed just outside of its reach and looked upon the dance of planets around it. A small planet of blue and green and white caught my attention as it twirled past me in the joyous dance of life. This planet was not like others. It had the voice of a mother singing to her children in the same way that the stars sang to their planets I focused and listened to her song and in brief pauses I heard her star singing back to her, the song of a lover for his mate. The other planets had their songs too, songs of love and passion, war and hate. I listened again to the song of this little blue and green planet and was stunned to hear millions upon millions of songs joining with hers, the song of children! I moved in closer and saw the blue was from water, the white from air mixing with water to form clouds, the white at the poles from water become like earth, solid yet fluid. All the elements were here and they were working together without strife to create something I had not seen before. The surface of the planet was covered in new life, life with form so beautiful it made me weep, vast in its differences yet so similar in that all the elements were within each one in some way or another. Harmony. Paradise. I decided to rest here a while to replenish my energy for the continued journey to find her.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    My heart is singing with his!

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