Web storage

Ok, so last week we did clearing out your cache, this week’s a quickie.

What IS web storage? Well, if you have adobe flash player, ie the free software thing that lets you watch video clips on your browser (the thing you access the internet by) be it on your Facebook news feed (where you find all the stuff that’s been posted recently) or on a friend’s Facebook Timeline, or play some flash games like Farmville or Candy Crush Saga etc., you will have a little spot on the adobe website that stores additional data on the web rather than on a piece of hardware inside your computer (the cache we covered last week is stored on your hardware). To see what is stored on the adobe web storage you need to follow this link here http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html which will show you exactly what is stored as an interactive little window, interactive meaning the picture on the page is something you can interact with rather than just a photograph.

Once you have clicked the link you will see something like this


There are different things you can do on this web page but for now, what you want to do is click the button marked “Delete All Sites” You will get a pop up box to confirm, click “ok” and the list of nasty little bits of useless data will disappear,. Now if you do delete something that you use often  don’t panic, next time you try to do that it will ask you if you want to use web storage or it will automatically open a bit of web storage space. You won’t lose anything important by doing this but it will make your browsing experience smoother. This is because you have just cleared out the filing cabinet of its dust bunnies and your new browsing will make a new file if necessary.

It’s a basic maintenance that should be done every month or so depending on how heavily you use the internet. Whenever you go online little dust bunnies of data are made and stored here and if you leave dust bunnies long enough they breed and eventually slow your system to a crawl as your browser wades through each little packet to find the one you need right now. Think of it like bleaching your toilet, each data packet is a bacteria sat under the rim and if you leave it long enough it will get bigger and you will notice it and it will start to smell pretty bad, get the gloves on, get your plunger and squirt the bleach right under the rim.. that’s what the button “Delete All Sites” does for you, it gets right under the rim and cleans out everything.


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