Four Squared

Three becomes Four

It’s been three months since we succeeded in breaking the polymorph spell on my Aunt Lettie.  A lot has happened and a lot is still happening. Joe, with some rather dubious contacts (don’t ask, won’t tell) has managed to procure various identifications for Aunt Lettie and with some diligent application of magick these documents are covered with glamour. They are completely authentic in look and feel and should anyone doubt them the glamour spell averts their mind. A …umm.. computer expert.. a friend of mine.. has done the necessary work to cover the documents on government records and helped me to embed a glamour into the records too. The less said the better I think. Now it’s not that we are wrong-doers, we would not do this unless absolutely necessary, we’re acting more like spooks, covering our tracks so the general public don’t panic and riot, it would not go down well if it became known Aunt Lettie was a few hundred years old.

We’ve made Aunt Lettie the adopted daughter of Joe and Agnes, they had a child who would be about the same age as I am who died shortly after birth. Lettie easily fits the age as she was only 24 at the time she was changed into a fox, the lengthy polymorph having kept her human form well though the stresses of her life since that transformation have taken their toll, she looks about thirty, a young looking thirty, quite like me in fact. We have worked for weeks on making a back story for her, planned her new date of birth, her adoption, her life as a young child, and her time from leaving school to fairly recently has been spent travelling the depths of Asia and South America studying the plant kingdom. She has a birth certificate and adoption certificate, a National Insurance number, a passport and driving license. We’ve managed to get her a qualification as a horticulturist and botanist, she has spent her time travelling to study so it fits that she has a couple of degrees under her belt and it also fits her own knowledge of plants as she was the best herbal witch and medicine woman of her time. She has a MHort (RHS), Plant Sciences BSc (Hons) and her most recent one, Bachelor of Ecological Agricultural Systems, plus we managed to get her most of the reading lists for the courses so she has time to study to live up to her qualifications.

We’ve also been working on a way to support ourselves. Aunt Lettie is currently sharing my flat, we don’t have much of an income coming in, she has no job and my journalism has taken a nose dive. I don’t feel that writing a small section in the local rag is really what I should or want to be doing. It was fun when I got the job 8 years ago but the stories are waning and interest has dwindled. My contract is up for review in a few months and I am certain I need a backup plan. So we got our heads together 5 weeks ago and it was decided that as we were already so close it would be sensible to move in with Agnes and Joe and perhaps look at incorporating our knowledge into building a farm shop. The cottage is un-mortgaged now and Joe offered to sort out an extension on their property but we would need some income to help fund it. Aunt Lettie has managed to pick up a part time job in the town’s florist shop so there are funds coming in from there and I have spoken with my landlord and he has been very good in letting us stay in my flat in town until we have covered the rent we owe and are accruing the longer we stay on the proviso that we don’t leave him in the lurch and maintain the property until we have paid up and moved on. Seems fair to me.

We managed to get  plans approved in the council very quickly, Agnes worked hard on that one, providing dinners for the council members and being a very charming host. The plans would have been approved anyway but we needed them approved fast. It took three days. Building work started on the extension two weeks ago and is almost complete, the foundations were approved and now we just need the council to sign off the building work so we can get in and decorate and move in. Then we can really focus on getting the business up and running and getting income in so I can pay off the rent for the flat in town. It will be so good to move back to the countryside, I miss it a lot.

So business will be booming soon, well , blooming perhaps might be closer as we’re planning on going for farm produce and flowers too. Lettie and Agnes had a great idea for doing some floristry too. With our skills individually as healers and probably even more so collectively, we have decided on a twist to the usual flowers you get for relatives and friends in hospitals and care home and such. We’re going to do floral therapy bouquets.

So you may have gathered that Aunt Lettie is going to be hanging around with us for at least a while. We shall be focusing on getting the business going and then we’re going to focus on having some fun with our new found polymorphing skills. We’ve shown Lettie how we do it and she’ll be having a go with us at the next full moon after we open for business. And hopefully we will all be able to get in some flight training from Quoth too. We can’t wait, we’re planning, again, to head out to the Yorkshire coast and we do all rather have our hearts set on travelling under our own steam. We are now four, four individuals, four as a group, each with power… that feels like it’s four squared. Seems like a good, strong and stable base to build upon, another facet to our numerology. Four people with power in themselves, their names and their dates of birth, we should soon be four cubed and who knows where that power will lead.


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3 Responses to Four Squared

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t expecting this at all! Good to see that even in your story, Life Goes On.
    Now I’m curious as to their future adventures!

    • nicessus2012 says:

      Life goes on even for powerful witches, and being powerful doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have to work for a living, these are important points I think 🙂 brings us back down to earth and sets us off on the right footing, with head in the clouds but feet firmly on the ground

    • fran says:

      neither did i, so gonna enjoy the rest to come 🙂

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