Pet Hates 6 : Customer support

Specifically customer support teams and Specifically those who have no grasp of the British tradition of “the customer is always right”. I don’t do cow towing but if I am paying for a service then I demand clarity and respect because it is my money paying your wages, even if it is only a tiny amount of my money that is put towards your wages, the rest going in the boss’ coffers, the fact of the matter is that it is still ME and customers like me who are paying your wages.

I don’t want to be sat around for an hour trying to get an answer to a simple question while you go around the houses trying to force me into a more expensive package because deep down you don’t know how to answer my simple question. I want you to tell me what parts of the current package I have I would lose and what I would gain. What part of ‘are these channels included in such and such a package’ do you not understand? Why do you have to waffle on that if I want certain channels I need to switch to a higher package when out of all the channels I listed only one of them was not already available on the sideways transfer I was enquiring about.  A simple ‘that is not on the package’ would have ended the call very swiftly saving us both time and the company money.  Answer the question and let me formulate a new question after you answer it, this is how conversations work. I have no problem with staff who listen and then answer or ask what I mean, who ask me to be clearer, I can be clearer if asked, I can go into little baby step conversation mode if needs be. Don’t take me around the houses when the only outcome is you lose my custom as opposed to squeezing an extra £2 a month out of me (that’s all it would have been but because the service was so poor I decided against that and am very close to deciding to move to another provider entirely thus COSTING this poor customer service duo £46.84 per month in lost custom and possibly a small amount of commission.)

And now we go onto rude and ignoring the customer is always right. I have used this particular customer support service many times over the last decade and it’s predecessor for a decade before that. I have never been so rudely treated. I have never been asked for my FULL PASSWORD before. The man on the other end of the phone, was supposedly a line manager (as I was getting nowhere with the original chap I asked to be transferred which he eventually did with much procrastination,) asked me for my password, I asked him which parts of the password and he said all of it. I replied I have never been asked for the full password before and indeed you are not supposed to ask for it to which another argument ensued which ended with him saying ‘I know I am right’ and me asking him to register a complaint. Which I am under no illusion that he would do other than to write ‘customer is aggressive and abusive and is saying I am to blame’. Customer is ALWAYS right until they start screaming and shouting at you then that’s abuse. I maintained a firm but level tone throughout the conversation despite my rising frustration and sincere desire to have an entirely fictitious bout of Tourette’s syndrome… ticks, inappropriate actions, profanity, the lot.

I’ve done tele-support myself, in insolvency, you never tell the customer that they are wrong and you are right. If you cannot get your information across then you hand it to the line manager. You never raise your voice to a customer, you never say they are wrong and imply they have not got a full understanding of the terms and conditions and practises. Not when the customer has been a customer for 10 years. Not EVER. You let them rant and rave and then tell them how you can move forward, you answer the questions they ask as simply as possible, you don’t give them the entire legal process or make it up as you go along. You give them the facts, you answer what they want to know and you deal with their call professionally and respectfully.




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