The Triumvirate : Spellweaving

So, all the bell’s and whistles, enjoy listening to some music while you read and become fully immersed in the creation of the sacred circle

We gather our tools, ritual clothing and ingredients together. We have the entire gamut of occult paraphernalia from wands to athames to swords, smudge sticks, candles, salt and water, robes in different colours, though Lettie’s robe is in fact a neck scarf, silver circlets for the ladies and gold belt buckle for Joe, musical instruments, guitar, bodhran, bells, pipes and finally a besom brooom for each of us able to use it. We have to sweep the area to focus our minds and energies before we consecrate the area as a sacred circle. All packed up in the car we head towards my altar stone taking the usual precautions to avoid being seen.

When we arrive, my spirit guide Lachlan is already waiting. He will be acting as the conduit for the fifth element, ether. Quoth is not with us tonight, we’re half afraid the amount of power we will raise tonight will roast him alive, and half afraid his sarcasm will ruin the spell. We lightheartedly threatened to feed him to Lettie. We start unpacking our things and laying them on the altar, Agnes brings out an altar cloth which she has been embroidering by hand over the last week and lays it across the granite rock that is my alter, our altar. Our boxes are placed on it awaiting unpacking, our musical instruments we place just outside of where we will draw the circle as there is no room left on the altar to store things. We each take a besom except Lettie, she will be humming to us with her mind as we sweep, it will help us to bring our minds into the correct state and she will hum at different pitches to raise the energies within our chakras, energy points located through the centre of the body aligning with the spine mostly. Agnes and I start at opposing corners of the altar while Joe and Lachlan start at the other corners, technically Lachlan is male in appearance even though he is an elemental and thus possesses the gender of his natural element, which is female, but on appearances alone he can be counterpoint to Agnes.

As we sweep we listen to Lettie, working our strokes back and forth and moving outwards in a widdershins spiral. Our minds relax and open to the notes of the background humming and as each note is hummed our chakras begin to grow and spin, the energy snakes up our spines like tendrils of smoke. We sweep at a rather stately pace, slow and unerring, sweeping back and forth, back and forth, moving in a spiral, the state of mind used for meditation and spellworking descends on us. As we sweep the work space clean we also make space in our minds, free of daily troubles and toils, focussing on the task in hand alone. Time seems to stand still as we sweep and the only sound we hear is Lettie humming our minds into waking sleep. Round and round we go cleaning twigs and grass, pebbles and droppings from our workspace and cleaning our minds and bodies of negative energy. We breathe slowly and deeply. If anyone untrained in the craft saw us they might think we were hypnotised. And in a way we are, meditation and the preparation for spellworking is a form of self hypnosis or group self hypnosis in this case.


We come to a stop in our sweeping at the same point, where our instruments have been laid at the south point of the compass. Here we turn in unison and bow to the altar. We gather the instruments and lay the besom brooms as a lintel and threshold. This will be our door from the circle should we need to flee. Two form the lintel and two form the threshold, should we need to flee we merely need to raise the lintel brooms to open the circle

besom brooms

We move back to the altar and take out our ritual clothing, casting off the day-to-day clothes we were wearing and standing skyclad briefly under the moonlight. My robe is white and filmy with no sleeves, Lettie’s robe is a neck scarf of scarlett, Agnes’ robe is heavy, black wool with full sleeves. Joe will be wearing a yellow tunic of heavy linen. We each have an adornment too, one which represents our roles in the ritual, I am the maiden and will be wearing a silver circlet on my head bearing the symbol of the maiden goddess, a waxing crescent moon  or ) .Lettie has a brooch to hold the scarf about her neck, again in silver and this time with the symbol of the mother goddess, the full moon or O . Agnes’ circlet bears the symbol of the crone, or older wise woman, that of the waning crescent moon or ( . Together they form the symbol you may have seen previously, the symbol of the triple goddess )O(  .Joe’s adornment is in the form of a gold buckle on the Hessian belt to be worn about his waist with the symbol of the god etched into it, the god is represented by the sun or ☼ . I had just enough gold from melting things down to make quite a sturdy buckle. It matched his still sturdy physique well. We will be invoking the goddess and god into myself and Joe so we have taken time to look presentable. When we are dressed we each take a few moments to visualise ourselves as the roles we will portray.

triple-goddess-bannerPan the player of pipes

*** *** ***

As priestess leading the ritual I have made sure to consecrate and purify all the tools as necessary, no need to bore you with the details of each one. For your own notes the words used to consecrate and purify are as follows.

We exorcise thee, O creature of Water, that thou cast out from thee all the impurities and uncleanlinesses of the spirits of the world of phantasm, in the names of Pan and Diana.

Blessings be upon this creature of Salt. Let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hencefrom and let all good enter herein.

(the salt is added to the water on the tip of my athame and so further purifies and sanctifies the water which is then used to bless each tool in turn and the remainder is kept and used at the start of the ritual to consecrate the participants.)

We lay out the altar in appropriate fashion. the water bowl sits at the west, the candles to the south, incense in the east and salt at the north, each sitting upon an embroidered guide to invoking it. The centre is marked for Ether and a pentacle sits here with the cauldron on top on a stand with charcoal under it to provide fire. We quickly arrange the tools on the altar following the guides embroidered by Agnes on the altar cloth.  It is time now to draw the circle. For now my hands will be used to hold the items to form the circle so I cannot play the Bodhran so Lachlan takes the bell to provide some musical backing to the others, Joe takes up his guitar and his pipes. Agnes’ only instrument is her voice which is sweet and melodic, Lachlan also joins with his feminine mezzo-soprano voice.

I lead around the circle with the chalice of purified water and sprinkle the water in a circle around the workspace. I have my own words to speak as I create the circle but in the background the others are singing in rounds until I complete the thrice casting of the circle.

“We conjure thee, O Circle of Power, that thou beist a boundary between the world of men and the realms of the Gods, a Guardian and a Protection that shall preserve and contain the power which we shall raise within thee; wherefore do we bless thee and consecrate thee with (water and earth) (air and fire) (spirit) in the most sacred and powerful names of Pan and Diana”

The first circle is cast with the salted water, the second with a candle and incense and finally the third is cast with sword and athame. Each tool used is given me by Joe, acting as priest, with a kiss, and returned to him by me with another. Once the circle is cast we anoint each other with the salted water, I anoint Joe and he anoints the three priestesses.

Once we are anointed it is time to invoke the attributes of Diana into me and the attributes of Pan into Joe.

To invoke the goddess, Diana, into me all participants join in a chant to the goddess in her many aspects. Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innana. I kneel facing the moon with my group around me as they begin the chant.

To invoke the god the priestesses sing to Joe in unison a song designed to attract Pan. We frolic around him like nymphs, leaping in to kiss him on the cheek as the need arises. As we end our singing Joe takes up the male counterpoint to great the god Pan into his heart.

Can you hear the forest sing?
On a breath of damiana it calls his name
Seduced by his spirit once again
Cloven hooves beat upon the earth
He comes to us from Arcadia through the trees
The rush of his force felt upon the breeze

He comes on hooves of goat
He comes with songs that float on the wind

Let your senses know of him
Feel the earth it trembles underneath shaggy thighs
The sky is afire from his flashing eyes
If a nymph I’d follow him
Be a match for his wild carousing and bestial ways
And in the woods I too would play

He comes on hooves of goat
He comes with songs that float on the wind
He comes on hooves of goat
He comes with songs that float on the wind

(male interlude)
“Oh great horned god of ages past
Lord of the hunt, Lord of the dance
From that place where you lie slain
Come to me, return again
Across the mountains, the fields, the sands
Be once more upon this land!
Oh great horned god, of times gone by
Lord of the earth, the sea and the sky
Of the forest, and of the glade
Be with us now, and for all our days
Herne, Cernunnos, Karnayna, Pan
Be once more upon this land… ”

Now with the power of the god and goddess in us we invoke the watchtowers.

the watchtowers

And now the main focus of the ritual, the raising of the cone of power and the spellweaving. We sit Lettie in the centre of our dancing area which is due south of the altar. Joe, Agnes, Lachlan and I surround her, our arms spread to the side so we can hold hands as we begin circling around her. We dance around her in a deosil direction, or clockwise And as we dance we chant her story from beginning to now and complete the spellweaving with a plea to Diana and Pan to return her to her natural form….


In long time past your daughter did follow her natural appetites, Lusting on the flesh of men much to their delights, But time did pass and emotions ran high, the womenfolk raging, but she still did defy. Her passions abated with the want of a child, but three came along and she was again beguiled. All went well for a time much to her surprise, then a father joined in in front of his wife’s eyes. All six were in shock as she screamed and ran amok, the men all fled, left Lettie alone in her bed. The hag she did scream and rage and cry and her power did rise, Lettie should fly! But stunned was she and full of remorse, and stayed while the rage ran its course. Twas folly that kept her from fleeing that night, the wife hit her face with all of her might. And with that blow she did intone, one word that would change her and leave her to bemoan. Her plight not yet accepted she did rant and rave but from her mouth a fox’s bark instead it came. Horror and shock hit them both full force, Lettie did flounder in search of discourse. The wife she did scream and throw her hands in the air, her spell had given her, too, a scare. She could not understand how it had been done and left the vixen alone, her face ashen.

(the cone of power between them and rising above Lettie, glows incandescent blue, but a little more was yet to come to finish the spellweave. Tendrils of blue spiralled around Lettie and then into her, she was beginning to glow with an inner fire, time to bring the spellweave to its conclusion! We can dance no more and slow to a stop over the next few lines which I speak alone)

What was done by one be undone by three, grant your sister leniency, her crimes are old and long since paid, return her now to the form of a maid. By the power of Pan and that of Diane, This cone of our power shall save the hour, with a bang and a crash and a lightening flash, Return her to me, my great aunt Lettie!

the foxy aunt Lettie

And it was done, she sat before us, her flame red hair sticking out at all angles from the almost electrical charge we had released into her, and naked as the day she was born. It seems clothing does not stand the test of time as well as the human form when one is polymorphed or perhaps the power released had rent them asunder for not even the neck scarf survived, only the brooch which had held it around her neck  We all collapsed in a heap around her from the exhaustion the release of energy had caused, only Lachlan remained standing out of all of us.  He came forward from where he still stood and gently picked us up one by one and moved us to rest against the granite block which was our altar, the candles blown out, the incense consumed in fire, the water and herbs in the cauldron had been boiled away to ash. When he came to pick up Lettie he had, rather thoughtfully for an elemental, picked up my cloak to wrap around her. My clothes would be loose on her but at least she would be covered when we returned home in what was now the light of dawn. Aunt LEttie, hugged each of us in turn and came back to me for a second hug. She was overwhelemd to be back in her own form and could barely speak but to say “Thank you, Arin, Lord and Lady bless you all.” Its time to thank the gods and close the circle and leave behind a few offerings of bread and fruits. Until next time.

Merry meet, merry part, may the gods walk with you until we meet again. )O( ☼


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5 Responses to The Triumvirate : Spellweaving

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow……awesome……chill-bumps……so glad it worked, and no one was harmed!
    (Although I do tend to sadness when a story is over.)

    • nicessus2012 says:

      chill-bumps, I like that word 🙂 thank you for the feedback and yes, I share the sadness that this story is at an end but fear not, the adventure as a whole is not yet over, there is more in store for our intrepid group 😀

  2. fran says:

    most enjoyable, will reread, as i often do when i enjoy a story

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