Pet Hates 5 : online grocery shopping

I don’t do it, I just simply won’t do it. Fresh fruits and vegetables need to be handled and sniffed to know you have them just right, you have to check for bruising and mould  Do you really think the personal shoppers that go and collect your list are going to do all that? The whole point of fresh fruit and veg is a healthy diet and reducing wastage, surely? Are we going to end up as couch or PC potatoes. If you want to reduce your emissions by not travelling to the supermarket in your car then go by bus. It is no wonder that our shops are dying out when we don’t physically look at the produce and realise we might get it elsewhere in better quality and possibly cheaper. No wonder our nation is getting fatter by the minute when we can’t even be bothered to leave our chair to shop for food. SHOPPING ONLINE IS NOT HUNTING. We ARE hunters even if it is just hunting for bargains in the urban jungle. Get out of your chair, go to the shops, pick up the fruits and veggies, squeeze them sniff them tease them. Go to the other supermarkets and check their produce too. Bring back consumer power and fight for better quality and prices. Get out to your supermarket and meet people, talk with staff, find out what’s in season, go to the butcher and pick up decent meats while you’re there, visit the fishmonger. Maybe even, if you are lucky enough to still have them in your town, visit the independent grocers, butchers, fishmongers etc..

Keep online shopping for things that don’t really need to be looked at.. like CD’s seeing as we only have one major music shop now 😦


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolute truth!

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