Pet Hates 4 : NIMBYs

Not In My Back Yard,  NIMBYs

We all know that we must work together to avoid what seems to be the immovable fate of this once fair planet. We have stripped her almost bare of fossil fuels, we cover the face of her in concrete and bricks and tarmac. NIMBYs also agree to this, at least publicly. They appear to have a philosophy that anything that improves our environment, regardless of how much a carbuncle that solution may be, is fine and dandy towards helping the environment just so long as it takes its place in the concrete jungle and does not impinge on their own beautiful corner of England (or the world, not sure but I suppose NIMBYs are global)and most certainly not in their own back yard or the local fields and woodland.. Our coutryside diminishes, it feels, on a daily basis, but does that really give people in the countryside the right to refuse things like wind turbines that aren’t all that bad to look at, must everything still be centred on the industrial areas, towns and cities? I live close to Bronte country and there is a wind turbine up on the moorland. It doesn’t detract from the sights, in fact it breaks the monotony of the flat heathland. It was placed out of the usual line of sight for filming too so the residents eventually accepted it and it has not detracted from the area or reduced the tourist income. Even though the NIMBYs were quite vocal about the whole thing.. over one turbine. Hydroelectric generators would go down well in the area too, lots of streams, rivers and such. Would it not be better to embrace this change in energy technology fully rather than perhaps letting more highly populated areas live in the shadow of nuclear reactors, don’t care how safe they are its not renewable and the waste has to be dumped somewhere, I believe in several feet of concrete….

So my pet hate here is those who protest about the environmental issues of this age and yet are unwilling to make even the smallest sacrifice to improve our lot and improve the health of the plant by screaming at the politicians “NOT IN MY BACK YARD!”


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