Writer’s block

By telling me which articles you have enjoyed the most I can go on to create more of the stuff you like 🙂 simples


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A quiet woman with a hint of sanity
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2 Responses to Writer’s block

  1. Tell me of your favourite books and why they are so!

    • nicessus2012 says:

      I have quite a few. I used to be a major Stephen King fan but then I realised he was just writing the same old stuff. then moved on to fantasy fit=ction with Terry Pratchett, loveed the Discworld stuff, lively and colourful cahracters and great humour. tailed off a bitsince I lost my entire collection including autographed pieces. These days I read David Eddings a lot, love the Belgariad and the MAllorean, nicely written, not too verbose unlike Tolkein and I like he has a sense of real time as opposed to just missing out gaps of a journey.. like Tolkein. If the characters are travelling 20 leagues you know it, they stop off in inns and wotnot. read Piers Anthony too, trying to get hold of the entire Incarnations of Immortality. Not overly keen on his writing style but I love the stories. I;m very much a story person I think 🙂

New writer, would appreciate feedback, thanks :)

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