The Triumvirate, Our First Polymorph

3 individuals, 3 names each, all born on the 3rd day.

3 is a number of power, names have power,

The power of this triumvirate is 3 to the power of 3 to the power of 3

(this being the next adventure from Metamorphosis)

Joseph Gabriel Ackerman, Agnes Octavia Tirrell and me, Arin Cliantha Hunter.. I’m not entirely sure what my parents were thinking either but my name means Enlightened Glory Flower … Hunter… Just call me Arin… or sneeze (A.C.H. who?) I am a child of the early 70’s so I guess I can blame the hippies and flower power. I suppose it could have been worse.

Joe is:  God will increase, God is my Strength, field-man (or field worker, working the acres).

Agnes is: Pure and Chaste, eighth (she was the eighth child she tells me), to pull or of stubborn will.

Joe and Agnes are aptly named I feel, Agnes is sweet and kindly and wilful, Joe is strong physically and spiritually and as a druid he is at home portraying the part of Herne or Pan or walking amongst the trees or tending his vegetable patch. It makes me feel again that perhaps my parents were stoned when they named me, I don’t feel terribly enlightened, I’m not a great beauty to deserve the name glory flower, and I am not a hunter unless you count scrambling through the urban jungle to buy my groceries but that is the family name. But both Joe and Agnes grew into their names so perhaps I can grow into mine too.

We’ve been busy since the last time, both in our work and our research and most recently in our planning. We each have a list of things we want to try out with our group’s new way of working magick not least of which is a lengthy list of shape-shifting, or poly-morphing.  I also have an agenda to learn and grow and I am hopeful that the strength of god and the wilful one will help me tremendously on that one just by osmosis.

We’re planning to try out a short series of poly-morphing tonight. We’re nervous of shifting all together as we don’t know if the words will come out right in animal languages but we are hoping a thought will be all it needs. So we shall see what tonight brings. I’m just going to help Agnes with dinner, I won’t be long.


We’re gathered again at my little natural altar near my home, we’ve cast a circle and the Guardians are watching over us. All our safety nets are in place and we have an order in which we shall try out the poly-morphing. Agnes is going to try first leaving Joe and me to break the spell. We choose it this way because I had already had a chance to shift and Joe had already proved able to break the spell. This first one will be my chance to see if I can break the spell with a word and my will alone. We’re all set, we have a variety of talismans, fur from animals, feathers from birds, seeds from plants. I have crafted containers for the talismans, one for each of us.  A hollow silver ball on a 12 ” silver chain for Agnes, the same again for me, I believe strongly that silver is the metal of choice for we girls. The third is made from gold for Joe, I melted down a set of earrings with matching necklace to make that one, I don’t normally work in gold. I may have to reforge it as it isn’t my best work, but it is functional and Joe seems to like it as it is. We shall see. My inner perfectionist is not entirely happy but we wanted to start on the closest full moon to have the greatest powers available to us. And we were all excited to be trying this out as a group.

Agnes picks a talisman from the altar and places it inside her ball shaped locket. She’s chosen rabbit fur as she was always fond of keeping rabbits in her youth and had always wanted to know what it was like to be one. Not a terribly exciting animal but it was her choice and we would not deny her. Rabbit is never on the menu in her home but for tonight it was. We’re not entirely sure if this will work as we plan but we have contingencies, I have a chant prepared just in case. Joe places the necklace around Agnes’ throat and she closes her eyes and kneels on the ground. Joe and I stand either side of her and focus our will to join to hers.

A spark of energy flickers between us. In unison we utter the word ‘Rabbit’ and the transformation begins.  We gaze in wonder as we watch Agnes transform from her normal form into a black and silver rabbit.. A sense of triumph fills me and I can’t help but giggle as Agnes rests back and uses her front paws to wash her face. She chitters in response to my giggle. And now I must see if I can break the spell. I bend down to reach what is now a silver collar around the rabbit Agnes’ throat. I take the clasp in my fingers and prepare to snap it open. I utter the word ‘Agnes’ as I do so and focus my will upon the task of shifting her back. My stomach knots up as it takes a long second to work but within a breath Agnes is back and blinking in the moonlight. Now we know that I can break the spell Joe steps up to take his turn and this time Agnes will break the spell.


Joe steps to the altar and with great reverence picks up the feather he took from Quoth just before dinner. He carefully winds it up to fit into his locket and hands the locket and chain to me. I will place the chain on him as it is Agnes’ turn to break the poly-morph. Again we position ourselves, this time Agnes opposite me and Joe kneeling between us. I reach across and fasten the chain around Joe’s neck. Agnes and I build up our will and focus on Joe and again, in unison, we utter our chosen word, ‘Raven’. In the blink of an eye Joe is before us on the ground in the form of a raven. He ruffles his feathers out and checks himself all over, typical male checking to make sure all the bits and pieces are in the right place. He preens his tail feathers and then chirps at us. I am amazed to find I can understand him, he wants to take a moment  or two to try flying. It is apparent by Agnes’ expression that she also understood him. We move apart and allow Joe a little room to try his take off. He flaps his wings a few times and jumps… falling back to the floor with a small thud. He chirps his embarrassment but tries again, this time managing to stay aloft a foot in the air before falling to the ground. He chirps to us that he might want to ask Quoth for flying lessons and Agnes giggles knowing full well that Quoth will be a sarcastic tutor. He chirps he is ready to shift back and we gather again in position, Agnes takes the chain and utters ‘Joseph’ as she opens the clasp. We have all now succeeded in shifting and breaking the poly-morph. I have to admit it has left me feeling quite tired but we have one more exercise to do before the witching hour is over. It is now my turn to try it solo.


I take my place before the altar and choose a talisman from the selection. I know I have already changed into a cat.. but it didn’t work out quite right if you remember from my last writing. (If you don’t remember you need to look in the old book of Shadows right at the end.) I had wanted to turn into a house cat but had ended up as a panther. Quite regal but also impractical. This time I was going to see if I could get it right and pictured in my mind a small black cat with white paws. I knelt at the altar and placed the necklace with the fur in the locket around my neck. I rest back on my heels as I focus my will upon myself. I felt  the power build and then felt myself drawing power from beyond myself too. I was drawing in energy from my surroundings though not my companions. I uttered the word ‘Cat’ and felt myself change. My energy and will added power to the transformation, my visualisation added form. I blinked and looked myself over, everything was as it should be, I had paws, tail, whiskers and most of all I was the right size!

I looked up at Joe and Agnes towering above me and felt elated and purred loudly as both reached down to scratch my ears.  I sent my thought out to them that I wanted to walk around a bit, get used to the form and the abilities I had. this time both Joe and Agnes understood me, it seems that our communing together has allowed Joe’s ability to leech into us all through the course of the ritual. This is not an uncommon thing in one sense, coven members are often able to read each others thoughts as they grew accustomed to each other over the years in much the same way a husband and wife do. But none of us had expected this so quickly, we had only been a group for 27 days give or take a few hours. I walked around a little, tried crouching and pouncing, tried out crouching and moving at the same time, tried jumping. I stretched out and shook myself and let both Joe and Agnes know that I was ready to try to shift back. We all hoped that it would be unnecessary to remove the talisman and that just the thought and the will would achieve the reverse transformation. I sat back on my haunches and closed my eyes, drew in my will and thought ‘Arin’. I felt myself stretch and grow, felt the fur fall from my skin and then I crumpled in exhaustion. I hoped it would become easier with time but at least we now knew that one of us at least was able to transform solo. Agnes rushed to my side to see if I was ok whilst Joe came to the other side of me to assist me in getting up. ” I just need a minute, I’m fine” i say in my own voice again and smile up at them both, weakly but at least it manages to portray my joy and exultation a little.

*** *** ***


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