Pet Hate 2 Medication

Prescription drugs, other than antibiotics, my little blue inhaler and more recently my even smaller purple inhaler. Hate them. Been on prescription drugs for most of my life as I am asthmatic and I hate how my body interacts with drugs. I’m weird and have odd reactions but beside the point perhaps.

I am currently taking tablets for labyrinthitis. They stop me feeling dizzy and I can get along with my life but I have found they are making me confused, well not confused as such but less focused and my concentration is lacking. They also make me drowsy. I picked up the tablets in the last week of May after visiting the out of hours GP service at the local hospital after being suddenly stricken with non stop dizziness, feeling hot and a feeling of anxiety and distress. Don’t get me wrong I am glad the tablets are stopping the vertigo but I really would have preferred it if my regular GP had spotted the upcoming inner ear infection before it had got to this stage when I visited him just 2 weeks earlier with problems with my ear and swallowing which turned out to be swelling of the Eustachian canal, which he himself had said was probably due to an upper respiratory tract infection and had sent me on my way to take painkillers and to keep trying to ‘pop’ my ear. I understand antibiotics are not always the way to go but this is now the second time I have had further, more serious, illness due to NOT having been given antibiotics. The last time I ended up in Intensive Care followed by High Dependency Unit for a week with a hideous chest infection that I had told the GP I had but he didn’t believe me which then transpired into me calling out the emergency GP and being carted off in an ambulance feeling on the verge of respiratory collapse on the way. I was 32 when that happened and have managed to avoid the same happening by reminding the several GP’s I have seen of what happened when they didn’t prescribe antibiotics when I told them I had an infection before they could spot it. I know my body, I know my lungs particularly well as I am asthmatic and have been for as long as I can recall being diagnosed at the age of 4 and also from being a smoker. Yes you can say smoking is bad for me but it has kept at bay chest infections that could have seen me seriously ill if not dead mainly from being an early warning system. Apart from my maternal grandfather no one in my family who has smoked has had lung disease related to smoking. Grandfather passed away from it at the ripe age of 72, not old by today’s standards but almost ancient at the time and today he would have been able to have part of his lung removed to resolve the disease which at the time was not an option, he didn’t get radiotherapy or chemotherapy either. Smoking is bad for me but at the moment it is my early warning signal for chest infections and a back up to inhalers as it makes me cough and thus relieves congestion that worsens my ability to breathe when I have an attack of asthma and gives me a little longer to scrabble around to find my inhalers. I really should stop smoking and I do plan to and have tried several times to quit and several methods including acupuncture. Next up will be neurological programming and an e-cig. I even tried the prescription drug Zyban to help me quit and that led to a whole slew of reactions barring the most serious ones including seizure.

I also suffer from long term depression and I have several allergies including hay fever for the entire season apart from 1 week in August when nothing that is flowering affects me. And I do suffer from sinusitis on a regular basis which seems to correspond to taking antihistamines when I start sneezing. I don’t take medication for the depression any longer, I take antihistamines only when I can barely see because my eyes are streaming and I use a menthol nasal inhaler for the sinusitis.

My pet hate of medications comes from the depression mostly. I was fine with Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors but then I was prescribed Valium  My GP wrote out the script, I looked at the brand name he had put on it and thought nothing of it as I really just wanted to get better so I could work. I didn’t bother with reading the info leaflet fully, my fault but down to the depression, and it wasn’t until the drug hit me that I took steps to find out what the drug was by searching online for it.  It hit me when I was in Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available) and I was lucky enough to be holding onto the trolley (wheeled shopping cart) when I became weak at the knees, disoriented and on the verge of fainting. I would have been very embarrassed to end up in a crumpled heap with a hand basket on my head and groceries strewn about me, or worse, I could have been lying in the middle of the pedestrian crossing I had used not 10 minutes earlier to get to the supermarket. What really annoyed me was not the side effects or effects of the drug but the fact that my GP had blithely prescribed a drug that is supposed to only be prescribed after long consideration due to its addictive properties. I had not even tried medications other than the single SRUI I had been on for several years and there is a list as long as your arm for alternate SRUIs alone. Now I have a friend who is a life coach and has proved to be 100% effective in helping me get to grips with handling depression without any medication at all. He even plans to help me to quit smoking.  The asthma I have finally conceded in the last 5 years to treat with both blue and purple inhalers, I won’t take the full steroid inhaler which comes in a brown colour as I have done my research and discovered a link to lung cancer, osteoporosis and other nasties. Purple is as far as I go.

So, why I really hate prescription and over the counter medications. I am weird, my body is weird, non drowsy meds make me drowsy, drowsiness causing meds might or might not, I was prescribed an antihistamine which also acts as a sleeping tablet as I suffer insomnia, one of the few antihistamines that DON’T make me drowsy in the least but had other side effects so can’t even use them as an antihistamine. Painkillers other than paracetamol or Ibuprofen give me weird side effects such as wanting to climb walls or let myself fall from the top of stairs.

But my reason for blogging about this is because of the prochlorperazine malleate which I am taking for the labyrinthitis or inner ear vertigo. The drug stops me feeling horrid but makes me drowsy and makes me drowsy at odd times. I went to lay down at 8pm because I was hot from the sudden onset of British summer and found myself waking up at 00:40am and now I am wide awake. On Sunday I fell asleep at 6pm and woke at 10pm and last week I fell asleep at my normal time and woke in the afternoon. It is now almost 2 am and I am still wide awake and my next prochlo tablet is due in 6 hours, which is a problem as the dizziness is already reappearing. As soon as this inner ear problem is over I vow to ONLY use natural medications as they are much kinder to my body, psychotherapies as they don’t have a physical action at all on my body, and other alternative therapies such as colour therapy, purple is great for healing, or shiatsu which I am a self taught practitioner of. I’ll keep the blue inhaler as it has been a friend for almost 40 years.. and I will keep the purple one as it is proving to be friendly and after all, it IS purple.


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