an ode to Insomnia for Hilary

Insomnia is a burden shared by many world wide

It leaves us not bushy tailed nor bright eyed

The ‘wee small hours’ can be our friend

Or a nightmare that never ends

Tossing and turning in our beds

demons run amok through our heads.

We get up to escape them to no avail

they grab and swing from our night-shirt tails


Down’t wooden hill we may likely tread

To ‘scape from the horrors in our bed

but the monsters are hiding in a place more dark

than under the mattress having a lark.

Existentialism and the bills we must pay

our minds racing forward to red letter day,

those demons who with us stay

and with our sanity they nightly play


Dawn breaks over yonder hill

In time to remind us to take our pill

We should have taken it before midnight

maybe before the end of daylight

But there it sat on our night-stand

craftily evading the reach of our hand.

We gave up the fight to take it by eight,

the optimal time to reduce the night freight.


Now morning has come to this weary night owl

awake all night, questions fair and foul

abounded through our heads

while we chased the demons from our beds.

And with the resurrection of the sun

a more pressing question to mind has come

should I have porridge or bacon and sausage

In my new day of struggle avoiding dotage.


About nicessus2012

A quiet woman with a hint of sanity
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