Pet Hate 1 Profanity

I’m sat here thinking of what kind of things I could call pet hates and realised I have several so I shall dedicate a blog post to each one and tell you what I dislike so much about each one. So up first is profanity. Here goes.

Profanity in itself is not a pet hate, I believe there are times when only a well vocalised cuss will do, or thoughts of what you might like to call someone in your own mind. But there is an exception to that for me personally. There is one profanity I really cannot abide hearing or reading let alone saying either in my head to myself or out loud. That is more than just a pet hate, I loathe the word so much that I could found a religion upon my hatred of this word so I shall say no more about that one. But back to the point. Profanity. For me I find it irritating and annoying when people cannot seem to speak without the use of profanity peppered throughout their vocabulary. This is not the same as being uncomfortable around someone with a high level of profanity spewing from them as a result of Tourette’s Syndrome. It is the ones who cannot get through even half a sentence without using the entire dictionary of swear words. I can even handle those who decorate each other sentence with one or two profanities.

I don’t blame people who are not furnished with enough education to use other words. It isn’t their fault but on the other hand surely someone must have reprimanded them at some point so perhaps also the lack of discipline may come into play.

I suppose, then, that my pet hate is not the verbal diarrhoea that some more or less intelligent people seem to have but the lack of education and discipline that has resulted in them being this way. It seems such a shame that such a beautiful and diverse language as English should be so sorely abused. Not to mention that when used in this way profanity then loses its impact when the real need arises such as hitting one’s thumb with a hammer. A group of researchers at Keele University discovered that cussing and swearing can relieve pain. You don’t take painkillers on a regular basis if you do not suffer chronic pain so why lose out on another far less toxic method of pain relief by using it so damned much without any real bloody justification?


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