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Hi! Come in! I was just about to make a new character but I guess I have time to chat but I have a raid in an hour so I can’t talk longer than that. Unless you wanted to watch … Continue reading

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Pet Hate 1 Profanity

I’m sat here thinking of what kind of things I could call pet hates and realised I have several so I shall dedicate a blog post to each one and tell you what I dislike so much about each one. … Continue reading

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The perfect cuppa

This topic is for everyone who wants to excel at making tea. This is inspired by a post by my friend Hilary over on Facebook. Now tea is an ancient drink which was brought over to England when we ruled … Continue reading

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More Theatre memories

Surgical theatre, not the other kind, darlings. I’ve just written about my first experience in the surgical theatre and talking of things that didn’t make me squeamish made me think about the one procedure that did leave me feeling a little queasy. I was … Continue reading

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