Metamorphosis (part 9)

The Triumvirate is formed.

I’ve slept on and off for the best part of the day and it’s early in the evening now. I lift my haunches and stretch out my front legs then stand up and stretch both hind legs finishing with a shake all over. I look around to see Joe sat at his PC, the light from the monitor illuminating his face, his spectacles reflecting the screen. I wander over to where he is sat and rest on my haunches beside him, peering at the monitor too. He absent-mindedly reaches to the side to stroke me. I begin purring, something I did not realise a cat as large as a panther could do, but here I am, purring away to my heart’s content. A deep, throaty, rumble of a purr. Joe’s monitor is a jumble of windows, I see a notepad window, several googles and a druid forum or two.

I turn my head to Joe, ‘how is the search going?’ I ask. Joe looks at me and I can see he is bursting with excitement. “You won’t believe what I’ve found lass! It’s so simple and it’s bin staring us right in the face all morning” I stop purring and my ears prick up. “All ya need is a talisman and a word and a witch’s circle. But we don’t use a circle so we can’t do it ‘ere. You’re gonna have ta take us ti yours. We’ll have dinner and then it’ll be dark enough to get yer in the car.”

I can’t believe it can be so simple! All these years with chanting and rhyming. “Agnes used to do the whole circle bit, but she had a big row with the big I ams of ‘er cuvin so she just left and carried on with ‘er ‘erbs and ‘er cards and such, then she met me and started dabblin’ in tree growin’ an’t beast masterin’ and never looked for another cuvin.” I nod in understanding. I myself had left my first and only coven, I had tried a local one but I didn’t gel with the group so I decided to be a solo practitioner and so far it had worked well. The idea forms in my head that perhaps these two would be great partners, our skill mixes, knowledge and experience would make us a formidable team. Joe picks up on my thought and tells me he thinks it might be a good idea as he and Agnes have not had many challenges in recent years with focusing on their small-holding and working towards self-sufficiency ready for retirement.

Agnes peeks into the room from the kitchen then and tells us that dinner is ready. We sit around the table, Joe and Agnes on chairs, Quoth on a perch and me on the floor, Lachlan leaning against the work surface near the fridge (he likes to stay chilled). As I sink my teeth into the medium rare slab of beef on my plate I look around and my mind sees the numbers. Three humans, albeit one of them being feline at the moment. I like numbers and some of my studies cover numerology. I have always liked the number three. It is a number of power and one of the reasons the witch’s circle is cast thrice. The second number is four. I have learned that Joe is a Fire sign and Agnes is Earth in astrology, I myself am a Water sign, Quoth represents Air , the four elements of life in basic alchemy. Lachlan takes the number to five being the representative of Spirit or Ether as well as Water, thus giving us the perfect combination to form a pentacle. the final piece of the puzzle clicks into place. Joe picks up on my thoughts again and tells the group what I am thinking. Lachlan smiles broadly, Agnes almost squeaks with delight and Quoth ruffles up his feathers with an unspoken thought about not forgetting worms and snails for the snacks.

We finish dinner and decide to plan out what we need to do to get to my circle and to reverse my spell  Around 9 we cautiously get in the couple’s car and make our way across the village and down towards the town. We park up close to the river, and, being careful not to be seen, we get out and begin the trek back to my altar and, hopefully, a still intact circle. We arrive about a half hour later and just see the altar stone.

I walk up to it and sniff around and finally find that the circle is still there and the tear I made in order to leave the circle is also still there. I reach my paw inside and pull the threads of reality aside and allow entrance to my new companions. Agnes marks out the cardinal points and she takes up position for Earth, I follow suit by standing at Water, Quoth at Air, Joe at Fire and Lachlan finally takes place of Ether. Joe takes the part of Priest and conducts the ceremony we put together only an hour or so earlier. It’s a simple one and didn’t take much putting together. We greet our Guardians in turn and thank them for remaining to protect the circle and then Joe turns to me. He finds the piece of fur that I had tied to my arm, removes it and says the word ‘Human’. The fur I had grown is shed and reveals my white ritual robe still intact around me, though now a little long, the silver circlet which had turned to a collar reverts back and the rest of my body follows suit and returns to normal. I sit up, feeling exhausted from the last 22 hours from casting the circle at the stroke of midnight to now, almost 10 the following evening. Together we have worked the biggest glamour spell of modern times and successfully reversed it. We are all very pleased with ourselves and proceed to congratulate each other with hugs, pats and handshakes, even Quoth seems impressed.

“Let’s close the circle and give thanks!” I am so happy to have my voice back and even happier to have new friends and companions. The future is set to bring excitement and wonder and no doubt new challenges and problems. This Triumvirate of Witch, Druid and Eclectic seems set, all we have to do now is plan our adventures.

Until next time, farewell friends, Lord and Lady watch over you

and be careful what you wish for 😉


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