Metamorphosis (part 8)

So, I have managed to find a druid, Joe, who can communicate with beasts, his wife, Agnes, is an eclectic pagan so dabbles in a wide scope of things… and an animal guide called Quoth. I also have my own spirit guide, Lachlan, but it seems there are other forces at work too. Lachlan would not normally have been attracted to someone who has a creature of air for a companion so I suspect that Paralda, Queen of Air and Guardian of the East Watchtower, has in fact been able to lend some aid to my cause after all. I set myself to thinking of what task the gods may have set me but with a full tummy and a cosy rug in front of a small wood burner I find the exertions of the night catching up and I drift off to sleep.

I don’t find too much rest in sleep however as I go into a dreamscape filled with elementals all pushing at me and trying to tell me something. I rouse myself enough to be able to lucid dream and gain control of the dreamscape so I can receive the messages being sent to me. I have done it before in normal dreams but this is the first time I have needed to in order to receive divine communication, normally I would find myself sitting with my goddess or with my god, sharing fruits and wine and talking over problems I have and what lessons I should strive to learn. Finally the elementals in my dream organise themselves and I see they have arranged themselves at the cardinal points of a pentagram. Once I see this they scramble together again and repeat the chaos and then the order. They repeat this a third time and then form a circle around the fifth cardinal point where Ether or Spirit or Divinity would usually be. And finally they gather around me in a circle and I watch as the various forms and faces of my pantheon of gods flickers across the final cardinal point. I ask the elementals questions in order to pinpoint the message they are trying to tell me. They turn in unison to the cardinal point and as I watch, the form of Diana takes shape at the final cardinal point. It seems they are guiding me to the goddess I need to turn to. But why Diana? Diana is the huntress, I am a panther, also a hunter, but Diana would not have been the one to help me take this form, she would be the one to teach me how to hunt, the rights and wrongs of doing so and the lesson that I am a female, formed in the shape of the goddess and able to access all her powers and to show the times when I needed to invoke the god into myself to learn the masculine aspects of divinity. These are things I explored many moons ago and have so far felt no need to repeat the lessons. I lose my grip on the dreamscape and it fades.

I manage to go into deep sleep only briefly before my dreams are turned to things I previously used for entertainment, role playing games, in this instance it takes me back to days of dungeons & dragons. I find myself playing a character able to shift into many different forms from wolf to elemental, from goblin to dragon. I seize on this idea and wonder if this is the answer. Perhaps the task given me by the gods is to learn how to take many different shapes and to experience this world in the forms of all things. My subconscious brings back to mind in my dream the previous dreamscape where the pantheon of gods paraded themselves in front of me. Ah! now I understand the lesson being taught. Divinity is everything, is part of everything and so to reach the higher learning and acceptance that one is part of the Divine one must become everything and as I had chosen to try shapeshifting this was my path to experiencing life as divinity. I felt myself drift to deep sleep again but this time I am feeling content and have purpose. But mostly I feel incredibly blessed that I had achieved so much in such a short space of time, I had managed to successfully complete a major glamour spell to take this form, I had mastered the control of the animal instincts and had been able to communicate with another human in this form and I had been told that I could and must continue this path.

I wondered what I would choose to become next when I woke, but first I had to find a way to easily come back from the form taken, I did not want to go through this again. Evening was approaching and the house was busy with smells of cooking and the sounds of a keyboard being used. While I have been asleep both Joe and Agnes have been reading through books, searching the internet, asking questions in forums as well as their normal routines. So, I learn more than one lesson today, I also learn that progress in anything can require more than one to achieve, it takes the work of a team to achieve the greatest rewards. If we can all work together we can find a way to make this process of shapeshifting easier and perhaps they will also be able to transform. I think I have found friends and allies for life and I thank the gods for this opportunity, that they found me worthy and capable to take the challenge given.


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