Metamorphosis (part 6)

I finish lapping at the river’s surface and pause for a moment to watch the ripples subside and again I see the face that covers me. My thirst quenched and my hunger abated slightly by water, I head off upstream, no idea of where I am going, I just know I need to find someone who won’t be afraid of me and who might be able to communicate with me. I know some other pagans in the town but not many, I trust the goddess will guide me though and failing that it seems my spirit guide has shown up to help me. I should have known he would. His name is Lachlan, which means “of the lake” and being near water usually means I am close to him. He is an elemental, albeit a strange one. He likes to appear as a human and has a penchant for the 60’s and 70’s in England so he is dark skinned and wears a white suit with a black shirt and white tie. I think he got bored when he was waiting for me to contact him and watched Grease one night and since then he has been walking around like Danny Zuko… he added the dark skin when he saw Cat in Red Dwarf and thought Danny John-Jules was the coolest person he had ever seen. That strikes me as just a touch ironic considering my current position.

We head out of town together by following the river. We have a couple of close scrapes as we come to a part where the river goes underground and there is no way this cat is going swimming underwater, wet paws and legs are just about as much as I can handle. Lachlan went overground and caused a distraction while I sloped out of the river and up on to dry land and one of the main roads through the town. Luckily I knew this area well and found shadows to dodge through in a heartbeat. Now Lachlan is walking up along the road side with me skulking along in the shadows hoping that if anyone sees me they will just think I am a large dog being taken for a walk and using the grass verge for ..well.. you know. Somehow that thought just fills me with shame.. being mistaken for a dog I mean. The feline influence covers everything it seems as I love dogs as much as cats when I am human. Another distraction and we make our way across the road to pick up the river again. Thank the Lord and Lady it is the early hours of the morning, this would never have been possible come daybreak.

We make it out of town and head now across moorland to a small village where I know there are more pagans than in town. I’ve been thinking of what type of pagan I need to find and I have concluded I need to find a druid. Some druids are gifted with a superhuman empathy for animals, apparently able to read an animal’s thoughts as clearly as if the animal were speaking in human.

Lachlan spots a cottage away from the main village. The cottage has two mature trees in its land, a cypress and an oak. He feels these are trees planted by druids and we move closer to see if we can find more clues. As we draw closer to the cottage we are both mildly surprised to find a light shining inside what appears to be the kitchen. It must be close now to 5 am, we had not expected anyone to be awake. I pause in my stride and carefully sniff the air. My stomach emits a loud gurgle as I scent toast and bacon. I start salivating and find myself fighting the urge to get to the food at all costs. Bacon of all things. Why couldn’t it have been cornflakes?


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