Say My Name? If I must….

Say Your Name

Ok, my name is Sinead. I have some Irish heritage but, surprisingly, that is not how my naming came about. Back in 1972 my parents discovered they were going to have me. Now back in those days finding out the gender of your baby happened when the baby popped out into the harsh light of day, not as a squiggle or lack of squiggle on the foggy looking picture that is known as an Ultrasound scan. My parents did not know if I was going to be a boy or a girl.. I am a girl incidentally, and as luck would have it my parents chose a girl’s name for me months before I popped into the world as a ball of screaming, pinkish blue blobbiness, early I might add. So how did my name come about? Well, my dad’s favourite actor was a Mr. Cusack who had a few daughters who also went on to become actresses. I suppose it could have been worse, I could have been called Cyril. As it turns out the story goes that my dad could spell one of the daughter’s names, pronounce another and could both spell and pronounce the one I was given.

I was doomed from the start to always be called anything but my given name I suppose. I have been called many things in my time from Sineed (with an S not a Sh) to Jade to Shinbone (the latter being the nickname given me by my best friend in school) to Number 5 (derived from being called Chanel by my manager many years ago.) Overall I like my name but because of the problems associated with my name, such as the inability to pronounce it, the inability to write it correctly on a Christmas card even after one was received with my name correctly spelt and legible, and the association to Sinead O’Connor and always being asked why I had shaved my head, I decided a few years ago to drop the last three letters of my name and became known to friends and associates simply as Sin. I also dropped the accent that gives the S of my name its Sh sound. Much simpler all round and quite possibly also hints a little at my personality.


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