Religion is blamed for many things. Why do we blame religions and not individual people?

I think perhaps it is because putting things in categories is an easier way of detecting danger or finding a connection that enables us to find allies. It is easier to, for example, blame Christians in general for the Crusades or the Catholic Church in general for acts of paedophilia, to blame Judaism for monopolising business, to blame Islam for 9/11, to blame Paganism for standing in the way of progress, to blame witches for killing off your prized cow or causing your crops to fail, to blame Atheists for the overall lack of good in the world.

Are any of these rational? Was it rational of Hitler to blame Jews for the poor returns of his father’s business and the state of the economy and job situation in pre-WW2 Germany? Was it rational of the Inquisitors to lay the blame of crop failure or foot and mouth disease at the feet of old religion women and men who perhaps spoke their mind than cow towing to their local Lord and foraged in the forests for food and medicinal plants? Was it rational for them to blame people having a party around a bonfire of devil-worship? Is it rational for us to blame the Catholic Church and all her congregations for paedophilia? Is it rational for us to blame Islam for the actions of terrorists?

For a supposedly intelligent species we humans do an awful lot of irrational thinking. Lay the blame where it belongs… at the jaws of the wolf … in the hands of the greedy, the egotistical, the self-righteous, the power-crazed.


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A quiet woman with a hint of sanity
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